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Designing for you: 

"Uncovering, not dictating effectiveness."

The objective in any change is operating at your most effective. This is a process of uncovering, not dictating your effectiveness. We are a special agency because we don't distill effectiveness down into a set of pre-determined attributes and practices. We have the capacity to see beyond what is effective for some to get up under what is most effective for you.


We created the hiddn™ ® process, designed to reveal and sustain often hidden and uniquely effective ways of operating. In this process, we produce the conditions for leaders, teams, and organizations to generate insight and movement. Startup, growth, maturity, transition, or succession - we meet you where you're at to align your ideals and the bigger outcomes you aim to achieve.


Belenky has a unique way of creating that open yet focused environment where everyone can be honest with themselves and with each other about what's standing in the way. We saw new possibilities for our venture and were empowered to act in new ways. The insights we made transformed the business and spilled over into all areas of our lives.

Mika Kayt, CEO, Outgage