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"There's a saying, 'culture eats strategy for breakfast.' We say, 'alignment eats culture and everything culture ate today .'" 
- Stephen Belenky,
Co-Founder of align collective

Meet the Collective, a strategic partnership of evaluators, strategists, coaches, and consultants committed to having leaders and teams clear on purpose, aligned on strategy, and generating movement when it really counts.

Lead from ideal. Align to impact. 

Consulting Services

Operational Alignment

Create processes, structures, and systems that mitigate losses and maximize gains

Transition   Management

Execute transitions that promote stability, spur innovation, and foster retention

Team Resetting

Rethink how the leadership team leads themselves and others to  achieves system-wide goals



Take an energizing approach to create strategies that align leaders and generate movement

Human Solutions

Leverage our  HR strategies and fractional leadership for growth and  transition


Dave Newell
Align Co-Founder
Operational Effectiveness Consultant & Strategist
Evolve Leadership

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Stephen Belenky
Align Co-Founder
Leadership Effectiveness Consultant & Strategist


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Robert Powell
Align Co-Founder

Human Solutions 
Consultant & Strategist
Human Operations Solutions

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Jasmine Beard
Chief Strategy Consultant & Executive Coach
AJOY Consulting

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Carolyn Brand-36_SizedForWeb[61].png

Carolyn Brand
Fractional HR Executive & Scalability Strategist
The Carolyn Brand Group

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Rachel Howze 
Assessment Consultant & Coach

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Jamall Kinard.jpg

L. Jamall Kinard 
DEI Consultant &
Head Coach
Conscious Leadership

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Erica Madden
Strategy Consultant & Business Therapist

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James (J.C.) Neilson
Business & Human Resources Consultant
Driving People Operations

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Ellen Christine Ruiters
Strategy Consultant &
Growth Expert
Ellen Christine Consulting

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